Our Story

For 27+ years, we’ve provided end-of-life care that is renowned in our community.

Our Story

For 25+ years, we’ve provided personalized care renowned in our community.

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N. C. Little

About Our Name

Our full name—N.C. Little Memorial Hospice—is in honor and remembrance of Newton C. Little, a local man who died in a nursing home in 1992 and, through his kindness and mentorship, inspired our co-founder to serve others with high-quality, personalized hospice care.

From our very first patient to the current residents of our home, we have embraced three core beliefs that inform our care:


No one should live in pain.


No one should die with their symptoms unmanaged.


No one should die feeling alone.

Our approach is high-quality and high-touch.

We serve people living with terminal illness who have been given a prognosis of six months or less. Our skilled nursing staff provides around-the-clock care. We have the capacity and expertise to manage a wide variety of symptoms and diagnoses that may be too complex and overwhelming for family to handle, even with the help of a visiting nurse. Along with medical care, we personalize every patient’s stay—serving any food they request at any time, providing space for family to visit and relax, and offering spiritual comfort for any religion.

Our sole mission is to provide compassionate care, comfort, and support to patients and their families so that they may experience the highest quality end-of-life experience possible.